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In our puppy application we will ask about many facets of your family and lifestyle, as well as your knowledge about dogs and the breed you are enquiring about. We ask that you please be as detailed as possible and allow ample time to complete the application as it is the only thing we have to get to know you from in the first instance. We want for you to make a great and accurate first impression so that we can then progress with your application.


Please don't assume they we will somehow know or correctly guess fine details about your life, practices and desires when answering the questions. We don't "just know" anything about you. We don't assume the best or the worst if you don't give us much information. So if you're feeling like you're telling us too much, please don't worry. We can skim over things if we can understand what you're saying, but if we're confused and you don't elaborate it's highly possible your application will be delayed or simply won't progress at all.

Be thorough!


Some applications we receive will not be successful in progressing through to phone calls, meets, and ultimately a puppy placement. This is most commonly due to either a lack of suitability for the breed the applicant has enquired about, or because of a severe lack of information in the application where we don't feel it was a serious enquiry for one of our puppies.

Please be sure about the suitability of the chosen breed for your lifestyle, your desire to buy from us specifically, and that you give us the very best "picture" of the home you can offer a puppy as possible.


Click the link below to be taken to our puppy application.
Please allow up to an hour or more to fill it out.

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