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Trucharm American Sweetheart


Demi came to us from Kylie Leslie of Trucharm Border Collies in Queensland. She is a beautiful mix of old Australian lines and imported American lines.

She is one of our more high-drive dogs, and has sound and balanced structure that lets her "go all day" as her active mind wants her to. She is very aptly named in that she is very much a sweetheart, and has the nickname of "Desperate Demi" because she will do basically anything for some cuddles and kisses.


Call name: Demi
Reg. name: Trucharm American Sweetheart
Sex: Female
DOB: 14th February 2019
Colour: Black & White
Bred by: Kylie Leslie - Trucharm - QLD
Owned & Handled by: Laura Cole - Tiek - NSW

Demi's next expected litter is late 2023.


Hips: 3:8
Elbows: 0:0
Shoulders: OCD-free
ANKC Eye Examination - 100% wide angles
Goniodysgenesis & Glaucoma (Clinical) - Clear
Goniodysgenesis & Glaucoma (DNA) - Clear
Collie Eye Anomaly - Clear
Primary Lens Luxation - Clear
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 5 - Clear
Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome - Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear
Raines Syndrome - Clear
MDR1 - Ivermectin Sensitivity - Clear
Von Willebrands Disease Type II - Clear
Myotonia Hereditaria - Clear
Cobalamin Malabsorption - Clear
Teeth - Full Dentition

KB/ky-kbr at/at BB Dd EE

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