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Mayhem is from the first litter of our beautiful girl Demi. She is everything I had hoped for from the litter. She is lower drive than her mother, and just as loving and sweet as both parents (unsurprisingly).

We look forward to seeing what Mayhem will achieve in the show ring as she matures.


Call name: Mayhem
Sex: Female
DOB: 12th July 2021
Colour: Black & White
Owned & Handled by: Laura Cole - Tiek - NSW

Mayhem's next expected litter is 2023.


Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA
Shoulders: TBA
ANKC Eye Examination - TBA
Goniodysgenesis & Glaucoma (Clinical) - TBA
Goniodysgenesis & Glaucoma (DNA) - Clear
Collie Eye Anomaly - Clear
Primary Lens Luxation - Clear
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 5 - Clear
Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome - Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear
Raines Syndrome - Clear
MDR1 - Ivermectin Sensitivity - Clear
Von Willebrands Disease Type II - Clear
Myotonia Hereditaria - Clear
Cobalamin Malabsorption - Clear
Teeth - Full Dentiton

KK at/at BB DD EE

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